Friday, January 4, 2008

the plan

I made this blog as the sibling to the shop I've set up at etsy. That being said, this doesn't necessarily mean I only plan to cover the topic of books bound by hand which is the current emphasis of the shop. I am versed in other topics as well. And I may be even better at asking questions, so questions will also be within the parameters of the discussion. The disclaimer is this: saying I'm versed in a subject does not necessarily mean I know anything about it. My claim is this: I am an authority on what I have done and seen. Most of the time.

I have no secrets as to how I do things. I will cover processes and ideas as they come up or as others bring them up. Eureka is a common part of my work. The majority of my eurekas may be as simple as finding that something actually works as described in the owners manual or recipe. A eureka is as much a good find, so I am here to endorse and pass along good finds as I run across or remember them.

That is the plan.

In keeping with the plan, I'll go ahead and make my first endorsement. Visit the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team site. Yes, this is about commerce, but this is especially a group of people willing to help one another with advice and ideas. Competitors working hand in hand. It's not a new concept, but its always refreshing to see it in work. You'll find me there too.

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  1. I hope your promise of recipes will be fulfilled.


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