Monday, January 14, 2008


I built this cradle from masonite/hardboard and parts of my mother's fence. This construction is lightweight, but sturdy enough for the work I dedicate to it.

Some of my design considerations. All angles are square, so if I'm setting up a project that needs to be square I don't need to make additional measurements. One side of the cradle is taller than the other so it supports smaller and larger sized projects. Note that the stack of paper in the cradle is only a stack of paper to show how I would clamp a book block in place. There is a 6 inch wide piece of masonite on top of the book block to distribute clamp pressure.

Approximate dimensions: accommodates 12 3/4 inch tall signature, short side 6 inches, tall side 12 inches.

Next cradle will fold into a box for carrying bookbinding tools. And maybe I'll make extra ones to sell in my etsy shop.

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  1. i must say....the folding cradle is a really good idea!


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